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RO the word which has been a catchword off late. Many people avoid drinking water at one's home if they haven't got an RO installed. Let's get an exact meaning of an RO. RO which means Reverse Osmosis a biological technique especially used to sanctify contaminated water to make it drinkable. It also sanctifies pesticide, herbicide and other unwanted minerals which are found in tap water especially in cities.


The World's Largest Seller of In-home Drinking Water Treatment Systems TM validated by Verify Markets. Verify Market's independent comprehensive global market research determined Pureit to be "The World's Largest Seller of In-home Drinking Water Treatment Systems."

Delivers a level of safety that is simply unbeatable
Pureit offers the most superior safety but why should you believe us?

Safe drinking water plays an important role in our day to day life. It takes care of our health, protects us from diseases and keeps us fit. Drink pure water, ensure a healthy living, read on to know more.

Cholera is a serious problem. Thankfully, it has a simple solution. Water

Meet the usual suspects. Bacteria and waterborne diseases

Make up is temporary. Hydrating yourself is a long term way to look beautiful.

Water. A simple checklist today. A lifestyle tomorrow.

Pureit - The brand built by you.

Simple. We are so confident about Pureit's superior safety that we challenge anyone to prove us wrong. If proved, Pureit will pay the challenger a sum of Rs. 1 Crore! The Challenge has been on for the last 4 years but to this day it remains unclaimed - a testament to Pureit's superior technology and make.


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