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ROWALA GLAN – RO UV UF Water Purifier. Call 9990650535

15,999.00 15,000.00



MRP : Rs.15990/- | Special Offer Rs. 9999/- Call now : 9990650535

Price is inclusive of
a) One year Warranty,
b) One year Free Service
c) Free Standard Installation of the unit

Aqua Supreme Advantages:

1. 9 Stage water purifier that purify any kind of water.
2. RO + UV+UF+TDS Adjuster Technology
3. It has 13 Liter water Storage that fit for long lasting usage.
4. Purification Capacity 15 lph
5. Auto flush to flush out impurities to enhance membrane life
6. Built-in SMPS to operate from 120~280 V AC for erratic voltage supply.
7. Fully automatic water level cut-off with Auto-start /Auto-off.
8. Anti Oxidant Alkaline Multi 5 stages Mineral Cartridge to maintain essential minerals in water.
9. It has Anti-scallant Balls that reduces the level of hardness in water and enhance the life of membrane.
10. Give 100% Safe & Pure drinking Water for your family.
11. Hygienic water for baby milk & food.
12. Purify any source of water Like under ground water
13. Easy to maintain


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